NATURE MIRAMICHI meetings are held on the first Tuesday each month starting at 6:30 p.m. at the Senior Citizens’ Centre, 26  Sutton Road, Nelson Miramichi. Everyone is welcome.

Nature Miramichi Meetings  as of January 8th for Winter and Spring 2019

February 5 – Nelson Poirier, Underground and Terrestrial Rodents of New Brunswick 

Miramichi Naturalists February Meeting
Our Small Rodent Community and Those That Depend on Them
Presenter: Nelson Poirier
The small rodents may be some of the most populous members of Mother Nature’s community and are no doubt some of the most significant members of that community in providing food to mammals and birds up the food chain that we all appreciate so much such as owls and other raptors as well as some of the larger wild mammals like foxes, wild cats, coyote, weasels, mink, etc. As numerous as the small rodents are, we don’t often get to see them due to their secretive, nocturnal, and sometimes only ground-level life. Let’s spend a few moments in getting to know these smaller creatures by their first names and learn about their very interesting life and times. At the same time, let’s become aware of the critters whose existence depends upon the population of the small rodent community.

March 5 – Mark Hambrook, Miramichi Salmon Association 

April 2 – Alex Dalton and Virginia Noble, WildResearch Nightjar Survey in New Brunswick 

May 7 – Lewnanny Richardson, Species at Risk Biologist, Nature NB

June 4 – Field trip to Miramichi Marsh

Snowshoe Excursion – Saturday January 19th – Morrison’s Cove – Time TBA

Snowshoe Excursion – Escuminac Point area – March, Specific day and time TBA




  1. Looking forward to Mr Poirier’s presentation on Polar Bears!! Climate change is and will continue to have an impact on all of us.

  2. Is the June 13 the walk in the marsh at 6.30 am or pm?

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