The Miramichi Naturalists’ Club is made up of members who enjoy the natural environment and meet on a regular basis to share experiences, ideas and programs. New members are welcome. Please contact club president.

Visit “Nature Miramichi” on Facebook.

Club Executive 2023-2024
President – position vacant as of May 2, 2023
Vice-president –  Mathieu Carroll (carroll_mathieu at hotmail.com)
Secretary – Sonya Hinds  (Irn360 at yahoo.ca)
Treasurer – Dave Goforth (go4uth at gmail.com )
Past-President –  Peter Gadd (gadd1313 at nb.sympatico.ca)

For questions and comments regarding this blog site contact Peter Gadd at gadd1313@nb.sympatico.ca .

Club Involvements:

Kingston Family Nature Preserve (Nature Trust NB)
Kennedy Lakes Protected Natural Area (NB-PNA)
Dolan Woodlot Nature Preserve (Nature Trust NB)

Areas of Interest: – Member Dave McLeod maintains various inventories of birds, mammals, vascular plants etc. for these locations with contributions coming from club members amongst others.
1. Miramichi Marsh
2. Beaubears Island
3. French Fort Cove
4. Hay Island – Neguac

Club members are active in the following nature related activities and organizations:

Christmas Bird Counts – Miramichi, Sunny Corner and Red Bank, Neguac and New Jersey
Other various bird censuses – Project Feeder Watch, Owl Surveys, Nightjar Survey, Great Backyard Bird Count, EBird data base.

Members prepare articles and presentations for local publications and organizations.

Maritime Breeding Bird Atlas

Maritime Butterfly Atlas and Acadian Butterfly Atlas

(Members please let Peter know what should be added to this list).


  1. Great looking Blog, how do I submit photos?

    • As the site matures over the next few weeks club members will be invited to add content directly.

  2. Who can I get in touch with about getting your long-term Christmas Bird Count data into the Bird Studies Canada/Audubon database? There is no charge, and the data will be available for birders and biologists across the continent to use for bird population trends and other analyses. These long-term data sets are very rare, so it would make a big contribution. Ian Walker just sent me a graph of the House Sparrow data from Miramichi–very dramatic decline.

  3. Interested in joining!

    • Hello Clyde,

      Pleased to get your note. The Word Press web site is not particularly active. There is a Facebook page which is a little more so.

      We are having a meeting this coming Tuesday in Nelson. It is essentially an effort to see if we can operate under present conditions.
      If you send me an email at gadd1313@nb.sympatico.ca I can give you further details.

      Actually I think I will post an email I just sent a short time ago to the web site.


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