Festival of Nature 2013


New Brunswick Festival of Nature 2013, Miramichi NB

Nature NB Festival of Nature 2013 Registration and Information Brochure

Festival Contacts:
Leonel Richard at c-inca@hotmail.ca  (506) 773 5238
Holly Frazer at frazerholly@gmail.com (506) 627-6046
Nelson Cloud an nelsonjcloudy@hotmail.com

Headquarters For the 2013 Festival of Nature – Chatham Head Recreation and Community Centre, 181 McFarlane Ave., Miramichi NB.

>Festival of Nature Silent Auction Items (Held during dinner Saturday evening)

Map > https://maps.google.ca/maps/ms?msid=215519796759171178752.0004d3bed89487ed13564&msa=0

Some of the Miramichi Naturalist Club Members:

20130311 Miramichi Naturalist Club Members (s)


These are the artists who will be taking part in the  “Nature in Art” festival display:

Dana Baisley  http://danabaisley.com/

Darin Bavis  http://naturescanvas.ca/

 Nelson Cloud  http://birdingnewbrunswick.ca/photo/photo/listForContributor?screenName=0jrlbaifs2vxx

Daphne Colepaugh http://www.arttellsstories.ca/daphne_colpaugh.html

Laura Lea Comeau  www.lauracomeauart.ca

Peter Gadd  http://www.flickr.com/photos/pmgadd/

Susan Jardine http://susanjardine.com/

Anne Maloney Assaff  http://anne-maloney-assaff.blogspot.ca/


Anne Marsch

Anne Marsch


Theresa MacKnight http://www.theresamacknight.com/

Jayshree Rai  http://pinterest.com/jay1973/my-own/

Jim Saunders  http://birdingnewbrunswick.ca/photo/photo/listForContributor?screenName=0zoj91uidu7pw

Cheryl Ann Savoy  www.cherylannsavoy.ca


Carolyn Scarth

Carolyn Scarth


Edie Szabo http://www.edieszabo-art.com/

Edie will be doing an oil painting demonstration and raffling the painting below at the festival. Tickets will be available at her table. All proceeds from the raffle will go to the Miramichi Naturalists’ Club.



Pauline Young https://www.facebook.com/pyoungART

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