1. Hi. Just wondering if the red headed woodpeker is common to Miramichi area. There has been one here for the past 2 days. Beautiful bird and first time we noticed 1 here.

    • Hi Ron,

      So sorry for such a long delay in this reply. We seldom get comments on this page and for some reason the alert did not get through.
      Red-Headed Woodpeckers are very rare in the Miramichi region, rare in NB as well. One was sighted in Lower Newcastle this spring. It was there for some time. I saw it on April 29th. Is this near where you are? Could be same individual if so.

      Peter Gadd (

      • Thanks for the reply Peter. I was wondering about the turnaround time but then completely forgot about the inquiry.

        Brought back some great memories of my sighting of the Red Head.

        I just live on Gorman Blvd here in former Nelson. Not far from your location so it is a real possibility that this could be the same one.

        Happy birding

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