Statement on Eastern Whip-poor-will breeding in Miramichi.

Nature Miramichi asks the public to refrain from using acoustic devices to interact with Whip-poor-will and to exercise discretion on sharing the location of breeding territories.

If reporting observations, we advise eBird users to either: wait at least 8 days to avoid a rare bird alert, set location to “Northumberland County”, set checklist to “hide from eBird output” or set data privacy preferences to “hide my data from eBird Alerts”. iNaturalist users are asked to set geoprivacy to “Obscured”.

The Eastern Whip-poor-will is a federally listed Species at Risk. It occurs in a limited number of locations in the province. The amount of people visiting the breeding sites in Miramichi has increased in recent years and Nature Miramichi fears visitors are affecting the breeding activities of the birds. We believe birdwatching should be accessible to all, but not at the expense of animal wellbeing. The public is encouraged to consult the American Birding Association’s Code of Birding Ethics.

Nature Miramichi

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