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Nature Miramichi – Hay Island Excursion Aug 15 2022

Hi All,

Well three of us thoroughly enjoyed a few hours on Hay Island this morning. (Is there ever a need to travel to a Caribbean Island to enjoy a beach, fine weather and a lovely walk and pretty good wildlife (no nightlife though!)?

Our initial encounter was with a flock of mixed warblers at the entrance to the first trail to the left as you enter the wooded area once you cross the bridge: Bay Breasted Warbler, Magnolia Warbler, (adult feeding young), Blackburnian Warbler, American Redstart, Common Yellowthroat and possibly a

Northern Parula. There was also a Philadelphia Vireo and Red-breasted Nuthatch.

Once further along in the open area of ponds we were able to see a few Short-billed Dowitchers, Lesser and Greater Yellowlegs, and a couple of Semipalmated Sandpipers.

Osprey (the beak!) and Gulls were about and Double-crested Cormorants. We were able to catch sight of a Merlin and a Northern Harrier.

There were sparrows about too of course and we were able to pick out the salt marsh inhabitant, a Nelson’s Sparrow.

On our way in before the bridge we caught sight of a White-rumped Sandpiper.

In bloom were Beach-Peas, Scotch Lovage, Seaside Goldenrod and Sea Lavender. Mosquitos weren’t bad and interesting insects were nectaring on these plants. We spotted a black coloured swallowtail butterfly which is a tough identification. It was either a Black Swallowtail or a Short-tailed Swallowtail. Both can be found in this habitat. The latter is a coastal or alpine species only found in Atlantic Canada and perhaps at altitude in northern Maine. Photo attached and help in identification would be appreciated. INaturalist suggests it is a Short-tailed Swallowtail. Details are hard to see.

In the area of the Neguac Wharf we spotted a Black-bellied Plover and 11 Semipalmated Plovers.

At a quick stop at Oak Point we were able to spot a Bald Eagle, (which since perhaps June seem to have been scarce around Miramichi after being plentiful), a Spotted Sandpiper and a few Barn Swallows amongst others.

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Miramichi Marsh Trails Recently Mowed

Ducks Unlimited Canada, Fredericton branch, have arranged to have the Miramichi Nature Trails at Miramichi Marsh mowed. They have also installed new signage. The trails are now wide open and much easier to walk along. Arrangements too have been made for regular mowing. Miramichi Marsh is located north of Retirement Miramichi in Chatham, Miramichi. Most easily accessed at the north end of Ironman Rd.

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Lady Slippers at French Fort Cove

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Subject: Lady Slippers at French Fort Cove

This afternoon we came across over a hundred Lady Slippers on the 1 Range Loop trail at French Fort Cove. They are at their peak.

Dave & Dee

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Northern Mockingbird

Seen in Miramichi these last few days, vocalizing loudly and incessantly.

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Nature Miramichi – Warbler Walks 1 and 2

Good Evening All,

Nature Miramichi is holding its first Warbler Walk of the season at French Fort Cove this coming Friday. (THE 13TH!)

Please meet at the Cove Rd. parking lot opposite the curling club for 7:30 a.m. If you are late you likely can catch up with us by going left on the trail although we might be in the woods nearby. We will be progressing slowly and hard to miss.

The walk will take perhaps 2 hours but of course come and go as you wish. The trail is hilly but good underfoot.

Some warblers have been reported in recent days in the area. Of course not all migratory birds have arrived but radar data indicates many will be arriving very soon.

The weather does not look good for later in the weekend and the beginning of next week.

The second Warbler Walk is scheduled for Thursday May 19th, same time, same place.

Timing is important because for the next week or so the trees will not be “leafing out” completely and it makes it easier to spot the birds.

Everyone is welcome … hope to see you there. Don’t forget your binoculars and cameras!

Peter – on behalf of Mathieu and Deana


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Nature Miramichi May 3rd Meeting

Those interested in nature are invited to join with members of Nature Miramichi for a presentation being made at the monthly meeting on Tuesday May 3rd at 6:30.

Our guest speaker this month is Pam Novak , Director of Wildlife Care at the Atlantic Wildlife Institute which is located 20 km north of Sackville NB. She will be telling us about the work that her organization does in rehabilitating injured or distressed animals and their work in education.

This presentation will be via ZOOM. The link is below.

Join Zoom Meeting

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Nature Miramichi – An Interesting Squatter

Hi All,

There is a Tree Swallow nest box near the sign as one starts the Miramichi Marsh trail when parked on Ironman Rd. Deana and I were walking past it this morning, hoping that once again a tree swallow may be interested in it this season. I noticed grass inside it through the opening which would be at a much higher level than a tree swallow nest in the box. I thought mice must have made a nest. I wanted to open it up but thought I should knock first! This nest box is on a post with a mammal baffle so I was wondering how a mouse could gain entry. Well, a mammal baffle is effective against terrestrial mammals in my experience, but I needed to think outside the box. No, it wasn’t a bat that answered my knock, but a “flying” squirrel! It seems it has made a nest. It poked its nose and “beady eyes” out, did a quick 180 degree turn and receded back inside. Hopefully it will have a successful brood of young. The post is positioned inside a patch of wild raspberries so is less likely to be disturbed by curious other bipedal mammals, hopefully. Jim Saunders has reported the presence of this species at the marsh previously.


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Mayflowers and Wintergreen

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Subject: Mayflowers and Wintergreen

Mayflowers and Wintergreen on the Northwest side of Route 8 near McHardy Road.docx

Thanks Jim, very interesting. Peter

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Subject: Re: Nature Miramichi – Natural History Association of Miramichi

I had to find out more about Dr. Philip Cox of the Natural History Association 😳😳😳


How Mathieu has come across these century old publications: Peter

From: Mathieu Carroll <>
Sent: Wednesday, April 20, 2022 9:01 PM
Subject: Re: Miramichi Wild Flowers (1887)

Shawn McCarthy sent me an article he found : The desirability of the protection and encouragement of birds in and around Chatham (see attached). Inside, it referenced a paper by the "Natural History Association of Miramichi".

A search of the paper led me to the scan in the Biodiversity Heritage Library (see Migration of Birds). In the search portal, I also found Miramichi Wild Flowers when I looked for other documents about Miramichi.

The reason I went looking for the reference is because I thought it was strange that the article mentioned the feeding habits of the Cerulean Warbler. Almost as if the Cerulean Warbler is a typical resident. While it turns out not to be a regular occurrence, Cerulean Warbler was seen in Miramichi on May 25th, 1891. Other noteworthy sightings include White-eyed Vireo on May 21st, 1898 and Vesper Sparrow regularly occurring.

The desirability of the protection and encouragement of birds in and around Chatham.pdf

Migration of Birds – Proceedings of the Natural History Association of Miramichi vol.2 .pdf

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