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Black-backed Woodpecker

Deana and I took a drive on Hwy 108 today, the Renous-Plaster Rock Highway. We only went about 40 km along. There have been some interesting sightings on 108 over the last few weeks. We didn’t see clearly all that we had hoped but did get some very good looks at a Black-backed Woodpecker, which seems to be more very dark blue than black. Photo attached. As of the other day this bird had not made it to the Northumberland County Winter Bird List. Peter

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Mistle Thrush still present as of January 22.

Seen most frequently at the top of MacMillan Dr., Miramichi, most reliably at first light.

Recent video clip – January 18, 2018

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Wed. Dec. 20 MT

The Mistle Thrush made a brief appearance at about 8:00 a.m. but was soon frightened off by a Sharp-shinned Hawk.


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Mistle Thrush letting us down slowly!

The Mistle Thrush was only in our mountain ash for about an hour this morning, gone by about 9:15 and did not re-appear as far as I know. It is changing its pattern … 6 hours Sat., 4 hours Sunday, 2 hours Monday and 1 hour today. It is letting me know don’t take me for granted and one day I will be gone. It is lowering expectations.

Alain Clavette had a good look around the neighbourhood yesterday, checking out a few m. a. trees with no luck.

Thankfully, a fellow from Minnesota who was birding in Alaska 3 days ago was very pleased with his timing this morning, as were 2 people from New Hampshire. Their reactions were quite enthusiastic. Unfortunately two people from Dalhousie were not so fortunate and missed it.

If it is late in arriving tomorrow, Wednesday, I might miss it and won’t be able to send out a notice. Christmas duties beckon.

The number of visitors has slowed to a trickle but the total is close to 300, I think from 14 states and 3 provinces. Two Mexicans saw it this morning but they were exchange students walking to school. 😊

Attached are 3 plus pages about MT from a book about Thrushes owned by a visitor yesterday from Toronto. It is a hurried scan but I think legible. Details of book are in the file name. Some of you may own this book already.


Mistle Thrush from Thrushes by Peter Clement, Princeton Press 2000.pdf

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European Mistle Thrush

The Mistle Thrush has appeared for its 11th consecutive day at 473 Manny Dr., Miramichi. Its first appearance in the mountain ash today was for only 50 minutes.

More photos and videos at

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Kouchibouguac – Mushrooms

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Verica’s Mushroom Photos

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Verica’s Photos

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Nature Miramichi – Look Who is Back

Checking out Strawberry Marsh river shore yesterday I came across a Snow Bunting, then later in the day a second one on Hay Island. Its getting to be that time of year!

It was very very windy on Hay Island yesterday and I think that limited what one could observe. I did see 4 Hudsonian Godwits which have been on the island in varying numbers for the last week or so, and 3 Dunlins that have also been hanging about as well as a couple of Black-bellied Plovers in “off season” plumage. I got a distant and fleeting look at a juvenile Sanderling as well. I had not seen one on Hay Island previously although it seems to be well suited to them.

The Dunlin in the photo is hunkered down in the strong wind.

Earlier in the day at the inlet next to the water treatment plant in Newcastle I witnessed a Greater Yellowlegs’ very narrow escape from a Peregrine Falcon …. The tide at about 8:30 yesterday morning was a long way out and there was a vast mudflat beyond the water treatment lagoon … not any other shorebirds though … gulls (mostly Ring-billed) and Black Ducks and 4 Hooded Mergansers were present.

Mid-afternoon at Oak Point I saw an extensive line of Double-crested Cormorants off shore …. Round numbers I would guess 800 to 1000 of them.


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Nature Miramichi – MM this morning

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Hi All,

I spent a very pleasant 2 hours at Miramichi Marsh this morning. The trails are now in very good condition. I saw only 12 bird species which is to be expected at this time of year I suppose. Ducks: American Wigeons 8 – the mother and 7 ducklings that have been seen throughout the summer no doubt, now fully grown, Green-winged Teals -7, Mallards 8, Hooded Mergansers 2. Shorebirds – Greater Yellowlegs 2, Pectoral Sandpiper 1 (we think), Red-winged Blackbird – flock of 13 passing through on their way south I should think, Song Sparrows – 8 or so, Savannah Sparrow 4, Crows 6, Starlings 7, Ring-billed Gulls 110!


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Miramichi Marsh Trails

Through the efforts of NBCC students, Ducks Unlimited and Nature Miramichi members … the trails at the marsh have been cleared and once again provide a good walking surface.

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