Posted by: PMGDD | December 14, 2011

Owl’s Identity

Not a good shot at all but while light was descending while working on portage trail, the attached came flying down the cut trail (Cains R-Gaspereau area).


This looks like a Boreal Owl.  What do others think?    Leonel


  1. I tend to think it’s a Northern Saw-whet Owl.
    Although the head is not very clear in the photo, if it was the much rarer Boreal Owl I think you would still see a more prominent facial border and dark black markings through the eyes extending down through the centre of the face to the bill and neck area than in the photo. In addition, the tail would probably extend farther beyond the wing tips than in this case. The more reddish brown streaking on the breast and belly and the white undertail coverts are also more characteristic of a saw-whet. A boreal would have darker chocolate-brown underside streaking that extends onto the undertail coverts as well.
    Back to you. Dave

    • You’re right Dave. After checking Sibley’s field guide, I can see that the breast marking would be finer and more intermittant on a Boreal Owl.

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