Posted by: PMGDD | April 19, 2012

American Woodcock, Redmondville – Jim Saunders

One of those serendipitous finds.  I had gone into a logging road to have a look for a white pine seedling and on my way out about 10 meters from Route 11 I glanced to the left.  I didn’t see the Woodcock but what I saw just didn’t look right.  I believe it was the straight line of the bill that looked out of place.  I stopped and backed up and there it was sitting on the leaves sunning itself.   I didn’t want to get out and set up the tripod so I rolled down the  window  and used the glass to steady the camera. I got a good shot so I opened the door slowly and got the tripod.  The Woodcock got up very slowly, turned and very, very slowly it began to walk away from the road.  It was doing the “two-legged shuffle” whereby it presses down with one foot two or three times and then with the other as it moved off.  Hoping that it would stop in an opening I tried to outflank it and get another shot using  the tripod but I wasn’t successful.


  1. Great close-up, Jim!

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