Posted by: PMGDD | January 9, 2014

Christmas Bird Count

From: Riebel’s []
Sent: January-09-14 8:56 AM
Subject: Christmas Bird Count

Hi everyone,

Attached are the results of the 2013 Christmas Bird count. It seemed to be a slow day for birds, as we only recorded 22 species on count day – our lowest number since the count began in Miramichi in 1972. We usually find over 30 species on count day. Our most numerous species were 281 Rock Pigeons and 227 European Starlings. It’s great to see American Goldfinch in third place with 152 birds counted! It’s also very nice to have a Snowy Owl noted during the count period (Glynn Road area).

I’m also attaching our spreadsheet of species seen over the years. It’s interesting to note that Goldfinch and Redpolls take turns showing up each winter – in years where Goldfinch numbers are high, we don’t see many Redpolls, and vice-versa.

Thanks so much to everyone who participated!


CBC 2013 Miramichi.doc

Christmas Bird Count.xlsx

Mammal Count 2013.doc

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