Posted by: PMGDD | April 10, 2018

Field trip to La Cedriere

From: Pamela Watters <>
Sent: Sunday, April 8, 2018 4:16 PM
Subject: Field trip to La Cedriere

Nine of us enjoyed a nice outing at La Cedriere this morning. The conditions were perfect – not too much wind, so not too wavy.

We had good looks at Black Scoters – some were quite close to shore, and we heard their whistling calls. Through our scopes we could see TONS of sea ducks far out on the horizon, but too far off to identify. We also saw many Common Eider, as well as a flock of Brant. For a full list of the birds we saw, please check out our ebird list below:

We stopped at Dave’s place to check out his feeders on our way back and added quite a few species there. Dave always has a nice assortment of birds enjoying his buffet! It was nice to see 2 Song Sparrows and to hear one of them tentatively trying out his song! Our checklist is below:

Our final place to check was Oak Point, where Peter guaranteed that we would see a flock of Snow Buntings … and we did see them!

Thanks everyone for a great outing!

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