Posted by: PMGDD | July 27, 2019

Nature Miramichi – Miramichi Marsh Up-date

From: Peter Gadd <>
Sent: Thursday, July 25, 2019 11:42 AM
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Subject: Nature Miramichi – Miramichi Marsh Up-date

Hi All,

Thought I would mention a few things about Miramichi Marsh.

The Great Egret reported of late seems to be spending some time at MM but more time across Hwy 11 at what I call King St. Marsh. It has been quite visible from the side of the road at the top of King St. Plenty of safe parking. Quite a few other wetlands birds can be seen there as well.

The trails at MM were mowed this morning (Thursday). A necessary evil I am afraid. Many do enjoy the relative tranquility of the trails and the close proximity to nature. The nearby highway and occasional drag racing on the airport property not withstanding!!!

There is a wasps nest on the outer left rail of the little jetty in the main pond. Not easily seen until it is too late!

There is still a lot of bird activity at the MM. Parents and young of a number of species going about their business. I think they are out in the open more now with the need to hunt insects and eat maturing berries.

I have seen a new species MM. I have been seeing them for a few days flying with the Tree Swallows. Quite a bit darker, a little larger, different wing shape …. They are Purple Martins. Very difficult to photograph on the wing!

Don’t forget the Saturday excursion to the Kingston Family Nature Preserve. Details distributed earlier.


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