Posted by: PMGDD | June 22, 2020

Nature Miramichi – ID and information

Hi Verica,

Good photo. Such a small subject. It is in the Skipper’s often seen “jet fighter” position as if to say please take my photo! It is a Peck’s Skipper. Found across most of North America. It likes open grassy areas.

More about Skippers

Thanks for the information below.

I have also posted this on the club’s web site.


From: <>
Sent: Monday, June 22, 2020 7:42 PM
Subject: ID and information

Hello Peter,

I saw a little Butterfly on my rose this afternoon. Do you know if it is the Peck’s Skipper?

Also CBC had an article that Researchers are turning to New Brunswickers for help in search for an endangered bee. The rusty-patched bumblebee the last of which was found at Pinery Provincial Park in Ontario in 2009.

They want people to photograph the bumble bees in their yard and send photos off with location information to: You don’t have to be able to identify the species yourself. The researchers will do that. It is really important to send any pictures you get. It tells them how much effort is being made. Send us all of your photos.

The only verified collection of the species in NB was in 1949 in the Fredericton area, and that specimen is in the collection of the NB Museum in Saint John.

Please pass on.

I appreciate your help with the ID.


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