Posted by: PMGDD | September 25, 2020

Nature Miramichi – Point Sapin – Part 1

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Sent: Friday, September 25, 2020 4:08 PM
Subject: Point Sapin – Part 1


We made a trip to Pointe Sapin to view the waves.

It is interesting to see the power of water, showing its turbulance as it picks up the seaweed and throws it high up in the air, as high as at the back of the breakwater wall behind the birds sitting on top of this wall If you look closer at the pictures you can see the weeds in the spray as it hits the rocks. Down below as it is constantly washing the seaweed unto the beach it provides a nice soft platform for the birds to sit on.

The birds are sheltering between the harbour wall and the breakwater wall, May Cormonants and gulls and some small shorebirds (see part 2.


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