Posted by: PMGDD | January 18, 2021


WinterWatch – Nature Miramichi

Hi All,

I propose as a club we share our nature in winter observations and experiences under the heading of WinterWatch (title courtesy of the BBC!). The other members of the executive have supported this initiative, Dave G and Mathieu.

Your submissions could be anecdotal, just a straightforward narrative, a poem, a sketch, a photo, a short video clip, whatever. What would be of particular interest would be what the casual observer might miss, the subtleties, the beauty, the curious, the interpretive and so on. Send to 

These submissions will help us all enjoy this apparently quieter time of year all that much more.

I will post, likely on the club’s web site, (with a link for photos and short video clips on Flickr ) textual submissions … so that we can have them all in one location.


To get started here is a photo of a “Peeping Cardinal” at one of our windows today!

“I know they have food in there! People Watching, a great winter hobby!”


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