Posted by: PMGDD | April 15, 2021


I made a visit to Miramichi Marsh this morning. The water levels are receding, down about 10 inches since Tuesday. There has been recent beaver activity, plugging leveling/draining water pipes. Ducks Unlimited NB are aware and hope to have technicians visit again as they did this time last year. There is a pair of Canada Geese in the third far pond hoping to nest on an island that was quite flooded Tuesday, it looked more promising today. There is one Canada Goose pair that appear to be incubating eggs on another island.

I did see my “first of year” Great Blue Heron circling the marsh and as I was leaving I spotted a f.o.y. Northern Flicker. Interestingly, as I pulled into my driveway when I got home, there was a Northern Flicker in my oak tree. Had it followed me home? Probably not. This one did stop long enough to enjoy some shelled peanuts at a feeder although it had to bicker with a couple of European Starlings! Deana and I have been anticipating visits from Purple Finches – finally we had two males Monday, and a visit from a Fox Sparrow, which happened today.


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