Posted by: PMGDD | June 13, 2021

Nature Miramichi Nightjar survey 2021 – volunteers needed

From: Sonya Hinds <>
Sent: Sunday, June 13, 2021 9:46 AM
Subject: Nightjar survey 2021 – volunteers needed

Dear Nature Miramichi Club members and Friends

As discussed at June1 meeting I will be conducting a survey for nightjars (Eastern Whip Poor Will and Common Nighthawk) on behalf of Birds Canada (formerly Bird Studies Canada) Right now I am looking at Friday June 18 or Saturday June 19. At present the weather looks good for both nights. I have until July 15 to complete the survey so I am allowed to postpone! Hopefully not too many times – in 2018 the survey was postponed 4 times!

On each of the surveys that have been performed before we have seen or heard Common Nightjars, which is pretty exciting. Unfortunately we have not heard Eastern Whip Poor Will – but who knows this might be the year!

I have attached protocol information about the survey, please note that as of this year the survey is under Birds Canada. It is no longer under Wild Research. Thus far I don’t have survey information from Bird Canada so I have attached the 2018 protocol from Wild Research.

The route is on a woods road at Cains River (past Blackville), usually we leave Miramichi around 7 and are back around midnight. Meeting place will be Curtis Corner Irving Station at 7:00 pm. as we need to be at the first stop before we start survey .5 hr before sunset. Sunset is 9:25 pm on Friday, so we need to be at starting point before 8:55 pm. There are 12 surveys stops which means we are not back to Miramichi until midnight.

I will try and check out condition of woods road this week, I have been down it a few times in the past and it is okay for my AWD, but maybe not so good for a lower vehicle.

Bird Studies Canada has stipulated that one vehicle per household (COVID protocol). The Irving Station at Curtis Corner is now closed so no vehicles should be left there.

I will send out an email later in the week with an update as to whether survey will go ahead.

If you would like more information, or letting me know if you are planning to attend. My contact information: cell (506)627 9229 – email lrn306

Hope you can come,



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