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Nature Miramichi – Early Notice of Meeting

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Hi All,

This is an early reminder of our first Nature Miramichi meeting coming up on September 7th, 6:30 pm at the Sr. Citizens’ Center, 26 Sutton Rd. Nelson

Our speaker will be Nancy Mullin of Lower Derby presenting on Moths.

Here is a description of her presentation:

“We know how beautiful butterflies are because we see them during the daylight hours

Moths are just as beautiful, but fly at night, so we don’t see them. They actually have incredible colors and patterns.

Most people think they are a dull grey or brown.

I’ll be covering simple ways to attract them, so people can observe their amazing diversity.

-How to photograph Moths…at night and in daylight

– Resources available to help with Identification.

– Groups to join

– Slide show of some of my favourites …I have photographed and IDed over 600 species.”

The Nature Miramichi executive (Mathieu Carroll – VP, David Goforth – Treasurer , Sonya Hinds – Secretary and me Pres.) hope to meet

In the next few days to discuss the coming year so I will have more to add in another email towards the end of the week.



Nature Miramichi

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