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Nature Miramichi – Notes and Sightings

Hi All,

I sent an email last week, reminding all of our meeting scheduled (but cancelled) for Tuesday past. There was a fair amount of information along with it. I have a little more to add below.

A few items:

  1. Nature Trust NB is planning on a visit to the Kingston Family Nature Preserve to continue marking the property boundaries. A few of our club members were involved with the initial effort and the organizer, Shaylyn Wallace, is hoping that a few of us can join them this time around to help out. (We have committed as a club, to be stewards of this property and have done our annual 2021 visit back in July. Their visit is planned for Tuesday November 16th. (WEAR ORANGE)!
  1. Note from Sonya who, along with Holly, is a member of Nature NB’s board of directors.:

Nature NB 50th anniversary is in 2022. Nature NB is asking clubs to submit photos of their club or Nature NB activities such as during the Festival of Nature. (They can digitize older photos and return them to you.) So, I would recommend that members mail older photos to Nature NB, and email the digitized ones. I am assuming that they will be used for FON in June, but there may be other uses throughout the year.

Nature NB

61 rue Carleton St, Suite 3
Fredericton NB
E3B 3T2

Email – info

  1. The October BIG DAY (BIRDS) – World Wide – this Saturday October 9, more information: October Big Day—9 Oct 2021 – eBird
  1. Let us keep in touch by sharing NATURE RELATED emails, such things as interesting sightings, news articles etc. Items that interest you and you think others would like to be aware of. Send them to me and I will pass them on. If we can’t meet face to face, we can at least continue to share nature experiences in the Miramichi area and beyond!


Here are 2 I would like to share.

Deana and I had a few days last weekend visiting the town of Gaspé and surrounding areas. This is Deana’s family homestead area and we try to visit annually.

On the way we stopped at Saint Simeone de Bonaventure, perhaps one third of the way along the south coast. There is a spit of land that curls back into the coast. A great spot usually for shorebirds. In the past among others, we have been fortunate enough to spot a Hudsonian Godwit and on another occasion a few Golden Plovers. Well not on this visit. As we walked along a falcon flew over us and then back and landed on a large piece of driftwood tree trunk. Excitedly I started taking photos of its back, creeping up closer to get better shots of course … closer and closer and then right up to it and facing it, not ten feet away! It was a Peregrine and completely unconcerned about the two of us. Another Peregrine then landed nearby and seemed to be dining on some pray! It was the smaller of the two so presumably male and our chummy bird would have been a female. When the male eventually left our “buddy” followed. No shorebirds in the immediate area!!!

This afternoon I was working on our patio and left the door ajar. One of our resident Chipmunks decided to come inside and check out our accommodations!

Yikes …. Running through the house I closed all the doors I could, apart from outside doors, but luckily I was able to trap it in a small down stairs bathroom. I fetched my butterfly net and for 10 minutes, very comically I think, floundered around this 6 by 7 foot bathroom brandishing my long handle net trying to trap this poor panicking rodent. Not easy …. Eventually successful and was able to release it outside, hoping that the stress which it was under was not too much for it.

Check out the recent edition of Giver Magazine — I understand our club’s submissions are presented well … I haven’t seen them yet.

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and hoping NB can put the present surge of Covid 19 behind us as soon as possible.

Nature Miramichi

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