Posted by: PMGDD | December 3, 2021

2021-22 Northumberland County Winter Bird List

From: David McLeod <>
Sent: Tuesday, November 30, 2021 10:07 PM
Subject: 2021-22 Northumberland County Winter Bird List

Hi Everyone:

It’s that time again! With Covid-19 continuing to be a problem this year, we can at least Jimstill do some birding! So starting tomorrow, Wednesday, Dec. 1, our winter bird list for Northumberland County begins for the 2021-22 season, and continues for the next three months, ending on Feb. 28.

Sightings are welcome from feeder watchers or from those in the field anywhere in Northumberland County with or without photos (always desirable for confirmation of the rarer species or those that are difficult to identify). Please email me at mcleodda

The first few days of December are always great for getting any remaining late migrants that otherwise would have gone south for the winter by now and so be missed. There’s also lots of open water in the Miramichi River and Bay, so hopefully we can find some waterfowl and gulls still hanging around before freeze-up. Within the past week Aldo photographed a Great Blue Heron, Long-tailed Ducks and Bohemian Waxwings at Hay Island, as well as the Cattle Egret which had returned to the Covedell Road on Nov. 25. In the last few days Peter and Deana have reported a Snowy Owl at Hilltop Road and an Eastern Towhee at a feeder in Quarryville, so perhaps these birds will still be around tomorrow. Last year (2020-21) we had 75 species, just shy of the record 78 species for 2017-18 when we had the Mistle Thrush at Peter and Deana’s place. If we can get an early start, perhaps we can equal or better last year’s total!



P.S. Also, a reminder that our three Christmas Bird Counts have been scheduled, weather permitting, for the following dates:

Saturday, Dec. 18 – Red Bank / Sunny Corner: compiler – myself mcleodda

Sunday, Dec. 19 – Miramichi; compiler – Pam Watters watterspj3

Sunday, Jan. 2 – New Jersey / Neguac: compiler – myself mcleodda

The count period runs from December 14 through January 5, so count days have to be chosen any time within the period.

Because of Covid-19, we will continue with the same methodology used last year, where field participants will be assigned specific routes by email and there won’t be any gatherings at the usual locations at the start. Those people with feeders in any of the three count circles listed above are encouraged to send a list of all bird species and the maximum numbers of each seen at any one time on the appropriate day to the compiler listed above.

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