Posted by: PMGDD | April 29, 2022

Nature Miramichi – An Interesting Squatter

Hi All,

There is a Tree Swallow nest box near the sign as one starts the Miramichi Marsh trail when parked on Ironman Rd. Deana and I were walking past it this morning, hoping that once again a tree swallow may be interested in it this season. I noticed grass inside it through the opening which would be at a much higher level than a tree swallow nest in the box. I thought mice must have made a nest. I wanted to open it up but thought I should knock first! This nest box is on a post with a mammal baffle so I was wondering how a mouse could gain entry. Well, a mammal baffle is effective against terrestrial mammals in my experience, but I needed to think outside the box. No, it wasn’t a bat that answered my knock, but a “flying” squirrel! It seems it has made a nest. It poked its nose and “beady eyes” out, did a quick 180 degree turn and receded back inside. Hopefully it will have a successful brood of young. The post is positioned inside a patch of wild raspberries so is less likely to be disturbed by curious other bipedal mammals, hopefully. Jim Saunders has reported the presence of this species at the marsh previously.


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