Posted by: PMGDD | August 29, 2022

Nature Miramichi – FYI – Local Trails – Improving

Deana and I went to Hay Island Wed. August 24th. We saw a number of shorebird species but not a large number of birds. What we did see a lot of where MOSQUITOS!!!

The exciting sighting was that of a Piping Plover hanging out with some Semipalmated Plovers along the shore line. Piping Plovers breed in the area but to the best of my knowledge they have never been happy with conditions at Hay Island so this bird was just passing through and found some buddies. I have never seen this bird on Hay Island before.

There are crews working to repair the boardwalk. It is a big operation. For the stretches most severely damaged by storm surges and winter ice they are screwing 6 to 8 foot metal posts into the ground and raising the platform a foot or two. Photos attached.

This morning I visited Miramichi Marsh. It is now a pretty good walk. There has been “lawn mowing” that has removed the stubble from left behind by the big machine used earlier. There is grass and other plants growing on the trail but the walking is very easy. It looks good too. There are still quite a few birds about. I saw the male Baltimore Oriole for the first time in more than three weeks.


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