The Miramichi Naturalists’ Club is made up of members who enjoy the natural environment and meet on a regular basis to share experiences, ideas and programs. New members are welcome. Please contact club president.

Club Executive 2019-2020

President – Jim Saunders ( aditidd2@gmail.com )
Vice-president –  Mathieu Carroll (carroll_mathieu@hotmail.com)
Secretary –  Peter Gadd (gadd1313@nb.sympatico.ca)
Treasurer – Dave Goforth( dgoforth@cs.laurentian.ca )

For questions and comments regarding this blog site contact Peter Gadd at gadd1313@nb.sympatico.ca .


  1. Great looking Blog, how do I submit photos?

    • As the site matures over the next few weeks club members will be invited to add content directly.

  2. Who can I get in touch with about getting your long-term Christmas Bird Count data into the Bird Studies Canada/Audubon database? There is no charge, and the data will be available for birders and biologists across the continent to use for bird population trends and other analyses. These long-term data sets are very rare, so it would make a big contribution. Ian Walker just sent me a graph of the House Sparrow data from Miramichi–very dramatic decline.

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