Posted by: PMGDD | May 9, 2012

American Bittern (Jim Saunders)

    I went back this evening to the logging road in Redmondville where I had seen the Bittern on Sunday.  I was hoping that it would come out to feed at the pond.   It was shortly after seven when I got there.  While waiting I thought I would make good use of the time to monitor the calls.
    What got me interested was the decreasing number of calls per session.  The first session  was charted at 7:20 but it wasn’t until 7:27 that I noticed that the number of calls per session had decreased to two.  From 7:27 to 8:24 there were 30 sessions with an  average of 1.9 minutes between sessions.  The number of calls per session increased from 2 at 7:30 to 4 at 7:32 and to 5 for the next 5 sessions.  The number varied from 4 to 6 up until 8:08 after which they began to decrease. 
    I thought that it had finished at 8:28 after a 4 minute interval but it began another session at 8:36 after an 8 minute interval.  I started to think that this was a math whiz and it would begin the next session at 8:48 after  a 12 minute interval.  8:48 came and went at which point I realized I wasn’t a math whiz.  I was hoping I would be surprised at 8:52 with another session after a 16 minute interval but it didn’t happen.  Jim


  1. Beautiful close-up of a bird that’s hard to spot.

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