Posted by: PMGDD | May 26, 2012

American Coot

   Friday   MAY 25.  I  went to the “Cove” this afternoon to see if I could photograph a Canadian Tiger Swallowtail. I have seen them there over the last couple of days but they weren’t landing. I guessed they were looking for mates. I had seen 2 or 3 on each visit. Sure enough, on the path up from the marina, I’d almost given up pursuit ….. below is just one of several photos and a video clip! Not sure if they were just getting acquainted or if it was more serious ….. I think it was serious!
     Just before that I had a good look at what makes a
Question Mark butterfly not a Comma. You can see two small white marks on the underwing.
This evening Deana and I went to the Miramichi Marsh. Deana heard 2 Veery (Veeries?) and a Common Yellowthoat. I don’t hear as well! Earlier today I saw the Baltimore Oriole for the third time over 11 days so it must be hanging around. Its call was very loud.  The Eastern Kingbirds (one of possibly 2 pair at least) have started nesting in the trees in the larger pond where they nested 2 seasons ago.
This evenings excitement was 40 minutes with an American Coot. Most of that time it spent in a clump of grass preening. I saw one briefly last year but watching its “Sora-like” behaviour this evening, although briefly, was interesting. Needless to say, photos attached!

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