Posted by: PMGDD | March 5, 2016

Winter Bird List for Northumberland County Final Update 6

From: David McLeod []
Subject: Winter Bird List for Northumberland County Final Update 6

Hi Everyone:

We succeeded in setting a new record of 71 species for this winter’s list!

Since the last update when we had 68 species on the list (which tied last year’s record), we added three more species by the end of February to bring the total to 71 (list attached). The three new species are: Brown Creeper reported by Denise Godin, Frank Branch and Marcel Roy at the Covedell Rd. in Tabusintac on Jan. 23; White-throated Sparrow reported by Aldo Dorio at Jacqueline Girouard-Robichaud’s feeder on McLeod St. in Lower Neguac, present from Nov., 2015, to Mar. 1, 2016, when photographed by Isaie Comeau (attached); Merlinreported by David Warmer from Upper Neguac near Hay Island on Feb. 20, and then by myself at our feeder in New Jersey on Feb. 28.

There is still the possibility that other species may yet be added if anyone finds out that a species still missing from the “final” list was present at a feeder (eg. Common Grackle) or anywhere else (eg. Spruce Grouse) in the county in Dec., Jan., or Feb. this winter. If so, please let me know.

Thanks to all for your participation, and we will look forward to doing even better next winter.


2015_16 Winter Bird List for Northumberland Co., Final Update 6, Mar 5, 2016.docx

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