Posted by: PMGDD | December 19, 2017

Mistle Thrush letting us down slowly!

The Mistle Thrush was only in our mountain ash for about an hour this morning, gone by about 9:15 and did not re-appear as far as I know. It is changing its pattern … 6 hours Sat., 4 hours Sunday, 2 hours Monday and 1 hour today. It is letting me know don’t take me for granted and one day I will be gone. It is lowering expectations.

Alain Clavette had a good look around the neighbourhood yesterday, checking out a few m. a. trees with no luck.

Thankfully, a fellow from Minnesota who was birding in Alaska 3 days ago was very pleased with his timing this morning, as were 2 people from New Hampshire. Their reactions were quite enthusiastic. Unfortunately two people from Dalhousie were not so fortunate and missed it.

If it is late in arriving tomorrow, Wednesday, I might miss it and won’t be able to send out a notice. Christmas duties beckon.

The number of visitors has slowed to a trickle but the total is close to 300, I think from 14 states and 3 provinces. Two Mexicans saw it this morning but they were exchange students walking to school. 😊

Attached are 3 plus pages about MT from a book about Thrushes owned by a visitor yesterday from Toronto. It is a hurried scan but I think legible. Details of book are in the file name. Some of you may own this book already.


Mistle Thrush from Thrushes by Peter Clement, Princeton Press 2000.pdf

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