Posted by: PMGDD | November 15, 2018

Project Feeder Watch – off to a good start

From: Peter Gadd <gadd1313>
Sent: Monday, November 12, 2018 9:25 PM
Subject: Project Feeder Watch – off to a good start


I thought I would follow-up the comments about Project Feeder Watch I made recently. Deana and I had our first day today and with the cold this morning things were quite busy. We ended the day with 16 species in the area of our feeders. I am happy to say that the Carolina Wren is still with us, certainly for breakfast each morning and through the day with brief visits. We were having a lot of White-throated Sparrows all fall but now only four are taking advantage of us. However we did have 11 Dark-eyed Juncos dining on the popular patio lawn, one female showing some leucism, photo attached. A list of the birds we had today are on eBird at .

This afternoon we braved a cold wind and spent a bit more than an hour on Hay Island. There were a dozen or so Snow Buntings and two Horned Larks. There were two brave juvenile Black-bellied Plover and one other elusive shorebird who kept its identity a secret. There was one Great Blue Heron, quite possibly just passing through on its way to somewhere warmer!


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