Posted by: PMGDD | November 22, 2018

Nature Miramichi – Dec 4th Meeting – Details

Hi All,

Just a reminder that Nature Miramichi will be having its annual Christmas Pot Luck supper on Tuesday December 4th at the Nelson Senior Citizen Centre.

This will be at 6:00 p.m. rather than the usual 6:30 p.m.

It had been suggested that for a program on this occasion we have a members night. It has been decided to go one step further:

All members are encouraged to participate in a “Nature Show and Tell”. Perhaps you have an interesting item at home, such as a carving, a picture, a book, a magazine article etc. that you would like to share with others.

Perhaps you have had an experience in nature that you would like to share. Perhaps a photo. Perhaps you have a mini-presentation (technology will be available). Perhaps you have a plant, a cone, etc. that you found on a trail that you are curious about or you think others might find interesting. Something from overseas? This is intended to be an opportunity to share with fellow club members. I am sure it will not be dull … (what might Jim pull out from the bed of his pick-up!)

We will also of course have our usual discussion of recent sightings, experiences and concerns.

If we can find someone who can play the piano … perhaps we can have a Christmas Carol or two!!!!

Put your thinking caps on ….


(on behalf of club president Jim Saunders)


  1. Thank you Peter ! Well done !

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